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JWoww's Nekkid Pics May Be Safe…But Is Her Nude Video?

he Jersey Shore star breathed a huge sigh of relief when a judge ruled that her ex-boyfriend Thomas Lippolis had no legal right to distribute nude pictures of her because he took them without her permission "while she was under the effects of pre-surgical and post-surgical anesthesia" last February.

Gaddafi defiant as state teeters

Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, clings to power in the face of mass protests demanding his resignation, as parts of the country's state structure appear to be disintegrating around him.

Ivanka Trump is now a model, a mogul and a mom.
The business-savvy daughter of Donald Trump gave birth to a baby girl Sunday in New York City. The father is Jared Kushner, her husband since 2009.
"This morning @jaredkushner and I welcomed a beautiful and healthy little baby girl into the world," Ivanka tweeted Sunday. "We feel incredibly grateful & blessed. Thank you all for your support and well wishes!"

Ivanka welcomed the latest (beautiful) addition to the Trump brood.
As for Donald Trump, who already has two other grandchildren, courtesy of Ivanka's brother Donald Trump Jr., he told People he was "very happy" for the couple.
The little one is Ivanka's first child. Congratulations!





Cheryl Cole,Derek Hough,cheryl,cole,derek,hough,sun,aaron,nelson,x,factor,marianne
Cheryl Cole heads out of heathrow airport in London. She was on her way to Los Angeles the day after rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough headed back to LA.

Cheryl Cole has reportedly been turned down by the US X-Factor, according Derek Hough’s stepdad.

Aaron Nelson – who is married to Derek’s mum Marianne - apparently let it slip to The Sun that Cole will not be offered a role as a judge on the talent show

He told the newspaper: 'She didn't get the X Factor job. Our heart goes out to her. Showbiz is always competitive, everyone wants to do well. It's so tough for her.'

He also insisted Hough is still dating Cole, despite rumours she is considering a reunion with ex-husband Ashley.

He said: 'We trust Derek and Cheryl's judgment and if they decide to stay together for a long time then good, but we can't say how long it will go on for. I believe you can't make people love you – it's a voluntary thing. Right now she's with Derek.'    5U2WQTVPNRR

Kirstie Alley is back on network TV as the celebrity dancing partner of Maksim Chmerkovskiy the Dancing With The Star’s bad boy pro.

Kirstie and Maks came out dancing in the Premiere episode.  The sizzling duo earned a 23, the second-highest score of the night, for their spectacular cha-cha.  Maks is considered a strong taskmaster but he is often in the finals so Kirstie is lucky to have him as her partner.

Kirstie is famous for her long honey hued hairstyle infused with loose curls and waves throughout the perimeter.  Kirstie’s hairstyle usually features a picture perfect side-swept fringe which flows from a side part and down over the top of one eye.

How To Copy Kirstie’s Hair

The top of Kirstie’s hairstyle is smooth and sleek exploding into lush volume along the edges due to a heavy dose of big beautiful waves.

Complete the steps below to copy Kirstie’s Hairstyle:

1.  Wash hair in lukewarm water using routine cleansing method such as Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only (CO), Conditioner Wash Conditioner (CWC), No Poo, Low Poo or Water Only (WO).  Use products appropriate for your hair type, texture, length and current condition.

2.  Use a rinse-out conditioner during the wash cycle. While the conditioner is still on the hair detangle your strands using your fingers or a hair-friendly detangling comb.  Finish with a cool water rinse.  Use fingers to gently squeeze out excess water.

3.  Towel blot to remove excess water.  Apply leave-in styling cocktail including a defrisant and a curl enhancing mousse or cream.

4.  Blow dry hair with a round brush and blow dryer.

5.  When hair is 100% dry separate into 8 equal sections (2 on each side and 4 in the back).  Curl the entire head work through all the sections with a medium barrel curling iron.

6.  After releasing the curling iron use fingers to re-curl the section and pin against the scalp to allow the curl to completely cool and set.

7.  When hair is 100% cool and set unpin each curl.  Use fingers to pick through the curls to deconstruct and tousle.  Create desired part and position fringe appropriately.

8.  Use a brush or comb and backcomb each section to build in desired volume.  After all the sections have been backcombed to a desired fullness spray with soft holding spray to preserve the volume.  Use fingers to smooth strands down.

9.  Smooth the hair along the top but use fingers to fluff and scunch waves and curls throughout the perimeter.  If desired, touch up random sections of hair along the bottom of the style to refine curls and waves.

10.  Finish by applying 1 or 2 drops of shine serum or spray into the palms of your hands and massage together.  Brush hands over the top of the hairstyle to seal hair from moisture and add beautiful shimmer.

Justin Bieber made headlines on Tuesday when it was revealed he had cut his hair, opting for a shorter, cropped version of his famous swooping hairstyle. The star sat down with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday (February 23) to talk about the new look, and even had a special treat for the comedienne.

"I was inspired by yours," Bieber joked about what motivated the change, adding that he knew people would protest the new look. "Yeah [people were freaking out], but I was like, 'I don't really care.' "

Bieber then preceded to hand a lock of his famous sandy-colored hair to the host, with one major caveat. "Yes, it's really my hair, but there's a perk. I wanted to do something good. I'm giving pieces of it to different people," he explained. "The thing is, we're doing something special. We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want."

DeGeneres agreed, also requesting that the star sign something to auction off with it. She announced that she'd be giving the money raised in the auction on her website to the California animal-rescue center the Gentle Barn.

DeGeneres tried to cut Bieber's hair last May when the teen star stopped by her show. Holding up scissors, she said she wanted to cut "just a little" bit of his famous hair. He declined, but did share his secret for perfect hair. "Like five minutes," Bieber explained. "Like seriously. ... I get out of the shower, I blow-dry it and it's done in five minutes. I just shake [my head]."

Bieber is out promoting his 3-D movie, "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," which is being re-released on Friday with additional footage.
Do you like JB's new 'do? Sound off below!

Sources on the set tell TMZ ... Jennifer Lopez began crying when it came time to send Chris Medina packing on an episode of "American Idol" that airs on Thursday.

 We're told J.Lo became so overwhelmed with emotion, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler had to talk her through it. According to our sources, once J.Lo composed herself, hair and makeup had to swoop in to give her a little touch-up.

Medina was the contestant who brought along his disabled fiancée to the audition. We're told she was not there for the elimination.

Who's the baby?
Alyssa Milano is pregnant! The actress, 38, confirmed the news herself on Twitter Tuesday.
"Yes, it's true. And we couldn't be happier," the Who's the Boss and Charmed star wrote.
PHOTOS: Hollywood's baby boom
It's the first child for the actress and her husband Dave Bugliari. The frequent Twitter-user added: "Thank you for your warm wishes and love!"
She and CAA agent Bugliari walked down the aisle in August 2009 at his parents' home in New Jersey. (The TV vet was previously wed to rocker Cinjun Tate.)
PHOTOS: Child stars all grown up!
A month after their nuptials, Milano told that married life with Bugliari was "blissful" -- that they were keeping an open mind about baby plans.